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Computer crashing

2009-11-01 01:52:41 by Scrofy95Studios

ok so i would go to the internet and my computer would freeze.i try to save a file from would tell me theres had been an error and the program has to close!i was going to make a really nice halloween animation,but because of the danm computer i couldn't.i will fix it and eventually make a christmas animation.Be patient,ill make it and upload it 2 days before christmas.The latest would be 1day before christmas.Thanks for waiting.


2009-08-17 01:34:48 by Scrofy95Studios

Ok,so I been lazy and not doin anything I promised,But now I'm working on something not related to Riden the ninja.It's related to the "awesome" series made by Egoraptor.So be on the look out for it maybe next week.

Ok I'm back!

2009-06-16 16:39:52 by Scrofy95Studios

Ok so my summer vacation is right around the corner and I'm going to be both in and out,but mostly in my house.I'm going to have alot of time to make something new and I changed the way Riden looks.No more Castle crasher style.So yeah ima do alot around here so if you have any questions please ask,i'll be happy to answer them.(by the way,June 2nd was my Birthday)

Ok I'm back!

A problem with Adobe

2009-04-14 13:59:26 by Scrofy95Studios

Ok so I recieved a call from Adobe and they tolled me I downloaded flash illegaly.So now they tolled me I have to pay them $300 dollars for it.They can't find the confirmation number of my purchase or my e-mail address.I have a big problem here,I didn't download it illegaly I don't even know where to donwload it.I'll talk to them,but a while I won't be able to make flash animations,sucks right.Talk to you later.

My flash animations

2009-04-02 21:07:43 by Scrofy95Studios

Well I haven't done anyting because I've been working on the game and I also been busy with homework so expect something by maybe saturday or sunday or if I'm very busy,Monday.

I have two Options

2009-03-28 12:43:09 by Scrofy95Studios

Ok I have to make my characters look less like a castle crasher because thats where I got my idea.So I have 2 options...You can see one the bottom of this post.I also want to know what you thin so please reply and tell me which one should I use.

I have two Options

My game in production

2009-03-26 18:13:00 by Scrofy95Studios

So one day I saw my brother drawing some of his random pictures and I saw awesome character.He created a little comic for the character and I had to see them.His picture wasn't really that good so I wanted to make this ninja character better.Below you can see the picture of the game I'm making.This is my desktop background right now and it looks awesome(my opinion).I started creating his moves and all..but I need some music to go with this guy.(He sort of looks like a castle crashers characters,but trust me...I'm not trying to copy Tom Fulp's creation.

My game in production

My character

2009-03-15 14:59:17 by Scrofy95Studios

Well This picture on the bottom is just a preview of my avatar character Scrofy95.

My character

My Avatar

2009-03-14 00:11:06 by Scrofy95Studios

Now I created an avatar for newgrounds(My picture)and I'll look for a nice use for this.I made sprites for my avatar and it kind of looks like my Xbox 360 avatar.Well I'm just trying to keep you up to date with things.My next flash animation will be up by maybe Monday or if i'm not that busy then Sunday night.Just be on the look out for it.Later :)

what will be going on...

2009-03-08 00:54:25 by Scrofy95Studios

Ok so...I made this account because what if I make a flash animation and I upload it to my Youtube account and then my account gets deleted.I can't just keep making accounts,so I'm save here...I guess.I'll post some stuff later when I can.